Petal Magic

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Bring your card and craft projects to life with this fabulous Petal Magic 3D effect product. It’s fun and easy to use, just sprinkle it onto adhesive just like you would glitter to make flowers, foliage, animals and even snow effects. 

Make your own mini flowers just by dipping Petal Magic wire into glue and then into your favourite Petal Magic colour.  You can even mix colours to create fabulous heather effects.

Use it with stamps, card, papers, toppers, decoupage, stickers and more.  It comes supplied in 14 gram bags.

This gorgeous card project is just perfect for a birthday, for Mother's day, get well soon, thinking of you and so many more occasions!  It's simply made using some lovely flowers made with pink Petal Magic and some green wires. Click here for more details.

Pink Petal Magic Card
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