Project - Best Friend Christmas card

Lovely card for a female friend or relative.

For this one print:-

The Santa lady motifs onto quality white card (or paper)
The Santa lady pyramage onto quality white card or paper (for the greeting)
The Ice angel red background onto quality white paper (or card)
The Ice angel cream background onto quality white paper (or card)

I discovered on this card another reason for not printing downloadables onto printer paper. I had a test piece of the cream ice angel paper printed and as it doesn't show too much, I thought I'd use this rather than print again onto 'proper' quality paper. It looked OK-ish but when I cut it with a craft knife, the edge was dragged along and the paper tore.

My knife is fairly new and sharp and I'm able to cut card and quality paper with it perfectly - so don't use printer paper. It tends to look like exactly what it is and spoils the quality finish you would hope to achieve.

Anyway, lecture over! For this card, cover the front of a cream A6 card blank with the red ice angel paper. Stick a 7.8cm wide x 14.8cm tall strip of the cream ice angel paper onto a larger piece of gold metallic card with double-sided tape and trim either side (not top and bottom) with a craft knife and ruler. Stick the whole piece to the card with double-sided tape.

Stick both a small motif and a greeting to gold metallic card and trim around to leave a small border. Stick the pieces to the card with sticky pads.

Products used on the Best Friend Christmas card

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