Project - Our Friend the Dog large pyramage card

I love the subtle colours of the Cecil Aldin pyramage and motifs. They look great on both white or cream card blanks - modern and clean on white or a little more vintage on cream. A white hammer A5 card blank has been used here but the design could also be done using an A6 card blank and small pyramage.

For this one print:-

The beige pawprint background onto white hammer paper
The 'Our Friend the Dog' large pyramage onto white linen card

Carefully cut out the pyramage with a craft knife and ruler. Assemble the stack with sticky pads.

Cut 21 x 5cm strip of the pawprint paper, check the exact size and add double-sided tape to the back. Stick it to the unfolded card blank so that 2.5cm appears at the front of the card with the rest wrapped around the spine.

Add the pyramage stack with further tape. Finally, add a greeting using sticky pads.

Products used on the Our Friend the Dog large pyramage card