Origami Christmas Tree

This origami Christmas tree is so easy to make but looks so special!

Try it in mixed-pattern papers or make all the layers in the same design paper to vary the cards you make.

For this one print:-

A 7" x 5" or A6 background onto medium weight card such as Print Perfect 160
A set of squares onto quality white paper such as Print Perfect 90

I've been a bit vague about what to print as there are options on the DVD.  There is a one-sheet A6 kit (which would make up the card shown here) plus other backgrounds and sets of squares to make up the Christmas tree. It's up to you what to print depending on the size of card you require and whether you want a mixed paper tree (such as this one) or one with the same design Christmas tree layers.

To make the card:-

Stick one of the backgrounds onto a white card with double-sided tape.  If you want to add a metallic card border, cut out one of the backgrounds without the border, stick the piece to metallic card and trim round with a craft knife and ruler before sticking it to the background with the border.

To make the origami Christmas tree, fold all 4 sizes of square in the following way:-

1. Start with your square white-side up.



2. Carefully fold diagonally and unfold.



3. Fold the other way diagonally and unfold.



4. Fold horizontally and unfold.  Your square should now look like this.



5. Now push in the 2 sides to form a folded triangle like this.



6. Now fold both sides into the centre so that they meet.


Remember - careful cutting and folding is essential for perfect finished results!

Repeat on all 4 squares.

Once you've got your four folded squares in decreasing sizes, you can assemble the tree. Tuck the point of the largest shape into the folded inverted diamond of the shape that's the next size down.  Continue through to the smallest.  Once it's done, add a strip of double-sided tape to the back to keep all the bits together.

For the tree trunk:-

1. Take the rectangle of printed paper from the Christmas tree set.



2. White-side up, fold up the bottom of the rectangle around 5mm.



3. Fold in one of the sides to roughly the centre.



4. Fold in the other side to meet the first one.


Secure with double-sided tape and use it join-side down.

Add the Christmas tree and trunk to your card, along with a cut-out star and greeting (if required) with double-sided tape.

Add a little bow made of silver metallic cord with a dab of strong tacky glue.

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