Origami Poinsettia

Each petal and leaf of this origami poinsettia are all made in the same way and are incredibly easy to make.

For this one print:-

One of the poinsettia sheets onto good quality white paper (Print Perfect 90 is just right for this)
The background of your choice onto medium weight white card/paper such as Print Perfect 160.

To make the card:-

Stick one of the backgrounds onto a square card with double-sided tape.  If you want to add a metallic card border, cut out one of the backgrounds without the border, stick the piece to metallic card and trim round with a craft knife and ruler before sticking it to the other background with the border.

To make the each poinsettia petal/leaf:-

1. Using the guidelines, cut out all 10 squares from the origami poinsettia sheet.  Take your first square.

Origami poinsettia


2. Fold it down the middle.

Origami poinsettia


3. Fold it again in 2 .....

Origami poinsettia


4. .... then unfold.

Origami poinsettia


5. Fold both sides into the centre line.

Origami poinsettia


6. With the fold at the top and the opening at the bottom, fold down the corners as shown.

Origami poinsettia


7. Now unfold and tuck in the corners you've just folded.

Origami poinsettia


8. Fold it in 2.

Origami poinsettia


9. Fold the petal from point to point.

Origami poinsettia


10. Unfold, then fold the left hand point to the back so that it touches the centre line.

Origami poinsettia

Repeat on the remaining petal and leaves.

To assemble the poinsettia:-

On the poinsettia sheet there is a circle/wheel with 5 lines - cut this out (it can be cut out quite roughly as it won't show on the finished poinsettia).

Put some double-sided tape on the wheel and remove the backing.  Add the leaves at intervals as indicated by the markers on the wheel, tucking in each leave between the layers of the previous one.

Add more double-sided tape and arrange the red petals so that they sit between the leaves.  Use a little dab of glue or similar if necessary to hold the petals down.

Snip out a star shaped green and yellow middle from the poinsettia sheet and add it to the centre of the poinsettia with a sticky pad.

To finish:-

Add the poinsettia to your card with double-sided tape.  Add a greeting if required.

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