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DVD - Children's Collection


This DVD is crammed full of more than 650 great quality A4 sheets and clip art embellishments which are just brilliant for cardmaking and scrapbooking projects aimed at children. There are also example cards to provide inspiration.

From Birthday Ages to flower children and fairies, there are all the components that you'll need to make some lovely projects this year.

The A4 sheets are supplied in PDF format and are intended to be printed and cut up to make lovely cards. We've supplied Adobe Reader on the disc in case you need it to open the PDF files. Other items are supplied in JPG and PNG format to be used in your favourite graphics program, or just printed as they are.

So what's on the DVD?


This School Times scrap kit features some really cute school themed embellishments along with some lovely matching backing papers.


This lovely Fairies & Fantasy set features gorgeous motif sheets, postcards, A4 prints, pyramage, backgrounds, tags and bookmarks that would make a fabulous gift when given together as a matching set.

The motif sheets feature motifs in two sizes as well as greetings and a nice long border strip that could be used vertically or horizontally on your cards.

A4 prints and postcards look great in frames, especially when used with mounts, which make them look extra special. The postcards can also be used as motifs for larger cards.


We've got some gorgeous clip art in this collection, starting off with birthday years for boys and girls. Ages 1-5 are included along with a nice Happy Birthday graphic.


I have to admit that this When We Were Young set is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. As soon as I saw these pictures I just loved them immediately. Reason? My mum was a child of the 1930s, the period these pictures are from, and I have several pictures of her as a small child together with her sister, my aunt. Identical hairstyles, dresses and shoes. So this set is totally indulgent on my part - and I just love it!

There are 36 printable A4 sheets in this set which comprises of pyramage, motif and two background sheets to match.


As well as the Birthday Years clip art we've also got Birthday Years Scrap Kits for boys and girls. As well as the birthday numbers these kits contain lovely badges, ribbon bows, backing papers, tags, bulldog clips, frames, borders and lots more!


If you've seen our Flower Children sets on Printable Heaven, you'll know that the Victorians were fond of depicting flowers as people; there were a number of books published that feature children and ladies in floral form (some better than others!).

This Wild Flower Children set of images has been taken from one of the best of them - Wild Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon, illustrated by Janet Laura Scott. This book was perhaps a little later than some of its Victorian predecessors, being from around 1918, so the pictures are nicer and more 'modern' than some of the other books around.

We've turned the images into lovely motifs and pyramage and produced greetings, border strips and pretty backgrounds to go with them to enable you to make complete co-ordinating cards.


More clip art, this time some great images for making cards to appreciate your children's teachers.


All of the gorgeous children featured in this Victorian Cuties set have been taken, perhaps surprisingly, from a book entitled Old Father Christmas which was originally published in 1888.

Although there were two Christmas pictures at the start of the book (which will be used in another Printable Heaven set), the rest of the book consists of really pretty children and flowers which perhaps would have been better in a book with a more summery title!

The artist responsible for these lovely pictures was my favourite Victorian children's book artist, Lizzie Lawson whose husband Robert wrote the accompanying verses and words.


This Children's Set contains 40 printables with a children's theme. You'll be getting pretty kitties, birthday dogs, wild animals, cars, bunnies, diggers, dinosaurs and pirates in this set. You'll be able to make complete cards with some of these by combining the motifs with the backing sheets.


This Teddy Bear Tales set contains some beautiful teddy images together with some fab greetings that will make some interesting and useful greetings cards.

But not only are there some fantastic pictures in this set, we've also made some gorgeous miniatures to go with them that will really set your cards apart from the rest.

This set contains 40 sheets - motifs, pyramage and large pyramage as well as 4 useful and co-ordinating backgrounds and our unique miniatures sheet.


This Jessie Willcox Smith set, containing 36 great A4 sheets, features motifs, greetings, pyramage and backgrounds - all the ingredients to enable you to make gorgeous co-ordinating cards.

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935) was a lady determined to succeed in a male-dominated world.  She was originally training to be a kindergarten teacher but began painting after acting as chaperon in an art lesson given by her female cousin to a male pupil.  She took part in the lesson and discovered that she had a flair for it, so much so that she ended her teacher-training and enrolled in the School of Design for Women.  She soon realised that the school had little to offer her that would prepare her for an art career so she transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from where she began her career as an illustrator.

As if all of that wasn't enough, there are another 80 Flower Children A4 sheets along with 16 matching background panels and 80 Little Darlings sheets with a bonus set of 20 A4 prints.

This disc contains everything you need to make great cards for children.

Suitable for PC/MAC.

Please note:- the software box shown above is for illustrative purposes only - the DVD is printed, supplied in a plastic wallet and sent in a sturdy cardboard disc mailer. 

This compilation © Printable Heaven 2013.  You are free to make and sell cards with the sheets, however you may not copy this disc!


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DVD - Children's Collection

DVD - Children's Collection

This DVD is crammed full of more than 650 great quality A4 sheets and clip art embellishments which are just brilliant for cardmaking and scrapbooking projects aimed at children. There are also example cards to provide inspiration.

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