Public Domain Image DVD - Titanic Scrapbook

This brand new public domain DVD is crammed full of more than 200 photos, postcards, newspaper articles, poems, cigarette cards, ephemera and more relating to the Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1912.  


All of the items on this disc are out of copyright and in the public domain in the UK, US and all countries that follow the same copyright rules, and therefore can be used as many times as you like without paying any royalties or commissions to anyone, commercial use included.

The pictures are all fully named with the photographer, artist or author where known, the publication it's taken from (if applicable) as well as the name of the picture/description.


The RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that famously struck an iceberg in April 1912.  Of the 2,224 passengers and crew on board, more than 1500 perished; there was only sufficient space in the lifeboats for around half of the people on board and many of the lifeboats left half empty.

The Titanic had been built as a floating hotel, with many luxuries on board for the 1st class passengers. Some of those first class passengers were well known, such as J.J. Astor of the Astor dynasty, Bruce Ismay who was chairman and managing director of the White Star Line and Mr. and Mrs. Isador Straus, co-owner of the famous Macy's department store. Ismay survived the sinking, the other passengers did not.

The event was one of the worst peacetime shipping disasters there have ever been, made even more the bitter due to it being the maiden voyage of what had been hailed as the unsinkable ship.

Titanic cigarette card

Today, original Titanic items and memorabilia sell for high amounts and even replica items still generate a great deal of interest and money. 


Use the images to create postcards, collage, scrapbook pieces, posters and more with these items.  

Use them as they are or add effects in your graphics program to make your own unique items.  Sell them on Ebay, on websites, in shops - wherever you want to.  

Use the items for yourself or for educational purposes, in books and more.


The disc includes many black and white photos, newspaper articles, ephemera, sheet music, poems, passenger lists, postcards, cigarette cards, cartoons, adverts and more.


The pictures vary in size and quality from great quality 300dpi photos from the Bain collection through to scans of images from newspapers and books (which may not have been the best reproductions at the time).

We've even included some stills from original 1912 footage of the Titanic in dock at Belfast and of some of the surviving crew after the disaster.


The disc also includes a comprehensive article about the copyright rules in both the UK and the US and how they affect each other.  Not only will you be able to understand the rules that put these pictures into the public domain, but it will also arm you with the knowledge so that you can decide if other pictures can be freely used in the same way.


Suitable for PC/MAC.

Please note: - the software box shown above is for illustrative purposes only - the DVD is printed, supplied in a plastic wallet and sent in a sturdy cardboard disc mailer. 

This compilation © Public Domain Image Library/Printable Heaven 2015.  You can use the images on this disc to make into other products for sale including, but not limited to, all the uses outlined above.  You may not reproduce this DVD as a whole or in part to be sold as raw images on another disc or website or in any way that might be considered competition to ourselves.  


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