Public Domain Image DVD - Christian Art & Verse


This fabulous Christian Art & Verse DVD contains more than 500 public domain pictures, poems and verses in jpeg format on DVD that can be used for almost anything you want to!

Christian Art & Verse

All of the images on this disc are out of copyright and in the public domain in the UK, US and all countries that follow the same copyright rules, and therefore can be used as many times as you like without paying any royalties or commissions to anyone!

Wow!  That could mean a whole new business for you with very little outlay - and with FREE postage and packing in the UK (only £1.99 anywhere else in the world), just think of the possibilities!

Only 15 images on this disc are under 1000 pixels wide/tall, with images ranging from 636px wide/tall up to 4172px wide/tall.  All are great quality scans.

All pictures are named in the following format:- Artist name & dates (where known) - name of publication the picture is from & date - picture name/description Eg.  Fuchs, Franz Xavier (1868-1944) - Christliche Kunst 18 - Madonna with lilies

Illuminated texts

There's so much on this disc it's hard to cover it all.....! There are old masters, mainly of Jesus and of Mary/the Madonna & child, illuminated Biblical texts including the Beatitudes, decorative verses, plain poems and verses that you can reproduce, Easter postcards, some stained glass window illustrations, some cute prayers that can be used as they are or reproduced, Christian symbols such as crosses and chalices and lots, lots more!

Decorative verses

The disc also includes a comprehensive article about the copyright rules in both the UK and the US and how they affect each other.  Not only will you be able to understand the rules that put these pictures into the public domain, but it will also arm you with the knowledge so that you can decide if other pictures can be freely used in the same way.

Stained glass windows

Just think what you could create with these images .......

Motifs, pyramage, decoupage and backgrounds for card-making and scrapbooking

Designers out there, why use all your precious time working on your own designs to sell on other sites when you can create products using the images on this disc?  

Add borders to make motifs, cut out the pictures on your graphics programme to make pyramage and decoupage or repeat the image over a sheet to make backgrounds.  

Easter postcards

Promotional/marketing items for your business, eg. to use on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Add text to images and your website name to the bottom to create viral images that will be shared to promote your business.

Text added, image on DVD

Prints and postcards

It's so easy to take any image and resize it as necessary to create prints, postcards and more.  Just working from home you can print the images onto good quality paper, card or photo paper for re-sale on EBay, websites or on a market stall or fundraising event.

Pop the completed print into a film-fronted bag together with a piece of card to support it and you're done. Instant product at very little cost.

Or why not buy some cheap mounts to put your prints into which add so much value to your finished product for very little additional cost. 


Notelets, tags and bookmarks

Make notelets, complete greetings cards, tags and bookmarks using the images on this disc. Designers can use these images on items for re-sale or make the items and print them yourself for sale on websites, EBay or at fundraising events. Packs of mixed notelets/greetings cards using different designs from the same range look fabulous and sell really well.


Calendars, notebooks, stationery and place-mats

Produce your own calendars, notebooks, stationery and even place-mats simply yourself at home - or go into bigger production and get a printer to do it for you. There is no limit to the amount of times these images can be reproduced.

T-shirts, mugs, key-rings, jigsaws, fridge magnets, mouse-mats and more

So many small businesses can make the most of images on this disc.  Why not use this opportunity to get your own business started producing t-shirts, mugs, key-rings, fridge-magnets, mouse-mats and other promotional goods.


Suitable for PC/MAC.

Please note that the software box shown above is for illustrative purposes only - the DVD is printed, supplied in a plastic wallet and sent in a sturdy cardboard disc mailer. 

This compilation © Public Domain Image Library/Printable Heaven 2014-17.  You can use the images on this disc to make into other products for sale including, but not limited to, all the uses outlined above. You may not reproduce this DVD as a whole or in part to be sold as raw images on another disc or website or in any way that might be considered competition to ourselves. 


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Public Domain Image DVD - Christian Art & Verse

Public Domain Image DVD - Christian Art & Verse

This fabulous Christian Art & Verse DVD contains more than 450 public domain pictures, poems and verses in jpeg format on DVD that can be used for almost anything you want to!

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