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Public Domain 65 DVD Collection

You can purchase this product as a Digital Download at a cheaper price on the Public Domain Image Library website.

Due to quite a few requests we've decided to offer our collection of 65 public domain DVDs at the absolutely fabulous price of £275.00.  A quick bit of maths will tell you that that's just £4.23 a disc, a price that we will never discount the individual DVDs to.

As well as that we will also throw in a fab 80-disc cd case worth £6.99 AND you'll get FREE postage anywhere in the world!

If you haven't yet discovered the world of public domain, this is such a fantastic offer that could change your life!  Once you've had a change to look through the 1000s of jpeg-format pictures that you'll be getting, your mind will be racing as to what you can make with them..... Framed prints, postcards, card-making embellishments such as decoupage and pyramage, pictures for Facebook posts, calendars, bookmarks, fridge-magnets, mugs, bags, boxes, artists' trading cards and so much more.

And the best thing?  You can use the pictures over and over again with no royalties or commissions to pay to anyone!

Here's what you get:-

American Illustrators (500 images)
Arthur Rackham (630 images)
Cats & Dogs (over 700 images) 
Cecil Aldin (260 images)
Children's Book Illustrations (600 images)
Elizabeth Gordon's Flower Children series (over 400 images)
Fairy & Fantasy (300 images)
Gibson Girls (over 500 images)
Jessie Willcox Smith (219 images)
Kate Greenaway (350 images)
Warwick Goble (322 images)
American Birds (530 images) 
Beautiful Butterflies (500 images)
British Birds (522 images)
Ducks (200 images)
Exotic Birds (530 images)
Owls (220 images)
Antique Natural History Prints (over 500 images)
Beautiful Alpine Flowers (200 images)
Flower Illustrations (500 images)
Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables & Seeds (530 images)
Mary Vaux Walcott's North American Flowers (400 images)
North American Flowers (600 images)
Audubon Animals & Birds (over 500 images) 
Louis Agassiz Fuertes (over 500 birds & animals)
Horses (over 500 images)
Wilhelm Kuhnert (250 animal & bird images)
North American Wildlife & Outdoors (520 images)
Wild Animals (over 500 images)
Picturesque Berks, Buck, Oxon (over 300 images)
Picturesque East Midlands & North of England (over 300 images)
Picturesque East of England (over 300 images)
Picturesque Kent, Surrey & Sussex (over 330 images)
Picturesque West Country (300 images)
Picturesque West Midlands & Wales (over 250 images)
Images of London (over 500 images)
Scotland (over 500 images)
British Painting vol.1
British Painting vol.2
Modern Art (over 500 images)
Renaissance painting (over 350 images) 
Posters of the Art Nouveau Period (over 350 images)
Impressionists & Post-Impressionists (over 600 images)
Art by Genre (500 images)
The Woman in Art (over 600 images)
Oriental (520 images)
Egypt (500 images)
Out of Africa (600 images)
New York and the USA (400 images)
Paris & France (500 images)
Mortimer Menpes (650 mostly countries/travel illustrations)
Italy inc. Venice & Rome (over 630 images)
World War I pictures (over 600 images)
Titanic Scrapbook (200 photos & ephemera items)
Country Cottages & Gardens (300 images)
Victorian Children (over 600 images)
Vintage Fashions (500 images)
Art Nouveau Stained Glass Windows (460 design elements)
Tartans (123 tartans)
Vintage Christmas (500 pictures and carols)
Christmas Poems & Pictures (300 Christmas poems & 100 pictures)
Christmas Music Sheets (500 Christmas Carols)
Men's Transport & Sports (500 images including sports and cars)
Christian Art & Verse (450 pictures, poems and verses)
Recipes & Food (350 scrumptious colour dishes, cakes and food items)

That's over 27,000 images!  You could start a business with these images and wouldn't need to source more pictures for years!

And remember, you'll get an 80 CD/DVD case included as well as free postage - what a bargain!

Please see all the individual DVDs on the website for a full description of each and loads of pictures.

Please note:- the software boxes shown are for illustrative purposes only - the DVDs are printed and sent in protective sleeves together with the case in which to keep them.

These DVDs © Public Domain Image Library/Printable Heaven 2012-17.  You can use the images on this disc to make into other products for sale including, but not limited to, all the uses outlined above.  You may not reproduce this DVD as a whole or in part to be sold as raw images on another disc or website or in any way that might be considered competition to ourselves.  


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Public Domain 65 DVD Collection

Public Domain 65 DVD Collection

Due to quite a few requests we've decided to offer our collection of 65 public domain DVDs at the absolutely fabulous price of £275.  A quick bit of maths will tell you that that's only £4.23 a disc, a price that we will never discount the individual DVDs to.

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