Printable Heaven & the Environment

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At Printable Heaven we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. We consciously try and limit waste and the unnecessary use of ‘new’ packaging materials.

When we send your orders to you we will always try and recycle an existing box that we may have received goods in. This might mean that you receive goods in a box from Amazon (Andy is always ordering stuff from them!) or from one of our suppliers. We inevitably still use a lot of new boxes and envelopes, but every little helps.

We also try and recycle anything we can to use as packing material within the box. This could include packing that has come in our deliveries, empty plastic bags that we’ve avoided throwing away, folded up cardboard or bubble wrap. When we have to, we use recycled brown paper for additional packing.

Anything that we can’t re-use will be collected for recycling where appropriate.

When you receive your order from us, please take a look and see what you can keep and re-use at a later date. Board backed envelopes and boxes can often be re-used!

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