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Download - Set - Jessie Willcox Smith Christmas


This set, containing 33 great A4 sheets, features motifs, greetings, pyramage and backgrounds - all the ingredients to enable you to make gorgeous co-ordinating Christmas cards.

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935) was a lady determined to succeed in a male-dominated world.  She was originally training to be a kindergarten teacher but began painting after acting as chaperon in an art lesson given by her female cousin to a male pupil.  She took part in the lesson and discovered that she had a flair for it, so much so that she ended her teacher-training and enrolled in the School of Design for Women.  She soon realised that the school had little to offer her that would prepare her for an art career so she transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from where she began her career as an illustrator.

If you want to know more about Jessie Willcox Smith, go to my blog.

There are some gorgeous pictures in this set, bound to be a hit with both the young and old. There are also some great miniatures on the 'Present Wrapping' motif sheet - little stamped and addressed 'Christmas cards' and tags, and also a sheet featuring brown paper parcel wrapping.  See our Card Project on the Present Wrapping motif sheet to see what you can do with these.  

But if you're not into the miniatures, the set is still packed full of great card-making motifs and pyramage and also includes backgrounds that you can mix and match to produce fabulous Christmas cards.

See what treasured keepsake cards you can make this Christmas by looking at the Card Projects.

Free SheetYou can sample a FREE SHEET from this set by clicking here.


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