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When we came up with some of our previous Christmas sets, pyramage wasn't really around so there wasn't any in the sets. Now pyramage is hot stuff, we've gone back over some of the best images from our Christmas Cute, Traditional, Contemporary and Vintage sets and made them into pyramage.

What's more, there are some fantastic shaped pyramage sheets in this set too - diamond-shaped, tall & thin and stars and there's even a circular pyramage for the really dedicated crafter! Pyramage, unlike non die-cut decoupage, is incredibly easy to cut out with a craft knife and ruler - I have no patience for decoupage but find pyramage quite therapeutic!

There are also background panels in this set that make it easy-peasy to get lovely straight lines and more professional-looking finished cards. The pyramage pieces can easily be cut out with a craft knife and ruler and stacked using sticky pads or silicone glue to create a fantastic 3-dimensional 'pyramid' shape.

The pyramage sheets are best printed onto a good-quality white lightweight card (up to 225gsm) so that your completed stack doesn't end up too thick. There is also some VERY simple decoupage in this set ('cos I can't do complicated!).

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