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Download - Set - Christmas Patchwork Pyramage


When we designed our Christmas Patchwork set (one of our best selling Christmas sets), pyramage hadn't yet been 'invented'. Now that pyramage is hot stuff, we've made our original Christmas Patchwork images into pyramage. BUT .... we're not just gonna give you that!

As well as fab pyramage, this set also includes two new novelty ideas, bound to be winners this Christmas. You may have heard of Snowman Poop - we've anglicised this rather American terminology and made our own Snowman Poo - well, not made our own as such (not being snowmen!)

We've written our own cute little poem to go with the Patchwork Snowman - use it to make cards for Christmas Fairs, School fairs and even you're own kids (if they're lucky). And if they're really lucky perhaps they'll get marshmallows not paper balls!

As well as the Snowman Poo idea, we've also come up with a poem for the Christmas story of how the angel got on top of the Christmas tree. This story has been around a little while but it was a little long for a greeting card.... The poem sums it up nicely and a little more concisely!

Furthermore, we also have a poem with an alternative ending..... Don't blame me for this one, Andy put the idea in my head!WARNING - DON'T LET YOUR LITTLE KIDS READ THIS (but your big kids will love it!!)

As well as pyramage, both large and small and our cheeky little poems, you'll also find some cutouts in this set to go with the cards as well as additional wording. The pyramage and most other items are best printed onto quality white card but you can also use good quality paper where the item is to be mounted onto card anyway.

Cut out the pyramage pieces with a craft knife and ruler and make up the pyramage stack with sticky pads.

Free SheetYou can sample a FREE SHEET from this set by clicking here.


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