Project - Polka Dot Mono Gift bag

Why not complete the monochromatic Christmas theme with the little gift bag, great for little sweets, jewellery, chocolate, money and other small gifts.

For this print:-

The black polka dot background onto white paper
The gift bag template onto the other side of the polka dot printed paper

Cut out the gift bag with a craft knife and ruler. Pre-score the lines with something like a blunt pokey tool or dried-up biro.

This bag is just like one of the sweetie bags you get in the cinema so bear this in mind when you're assembling it.

Fold along the lines and stick it together with double-sided tape. The bag sticks together at the side and has been made so that one strip of 12mm double-sided tape fits just nicely and marks how far the bag side should be overlapped (should be clearer when you assemble it). Fold the bottom of the bag like a present before sticking with double-sided tape.

Once assembled, to seal the bag neatly fold over the top twice, then punch a hole through all the layers with a single 1/8" hole punch. Thread through some Christmas curling ribbon, tie and curl the end by running the blade of a pair of scissors along it.

Products used on the Polka Dot Mono Gift bag

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