Project - Snowflake Mono Gift Box

Why not complete the monochromatic Christmas theme with the little gift box, great for little sweets, jewellery, money and other small gifts. The completed box measures 7 x 6.5 x 1.8cm deep.

For this print:-

The black snowflake background onto white card (this was gloss card I had hanging about but any card will do)
The gift box template onto the other side of the snowflake printed card

The black snowflake print takes quite a lot of ink so please make sure that your card is completely dry before you handle it.

Cut out the gift box with a craft knife and ruler. Lightly pre-score the folding lines with your craft knife and pre-fold the creases before assembling the box.

I stuck mine with small pieces of double-sided tape and immediately tied the ribbon round it so it's holding together fine but you may want to stick it with a strong clear glue such as UHU or Bostick for a firmer hold. Use mini pegs to hold the box together while the glue dries. 

Complete the box with Christmas curling ribbon, tied round and curled with the blades of a pair of scissors.

Products used on the Snowflake Mono Gift Box

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