Project - A6 Oatmeal Shortbread card

This one's been made using the A6/C6 panels and extras which make really weeny miniatures (not for the faint-hearted!) You can easily do the same design with the larger recipes and panels.

For this one print:-

The A6 background panels/extras sheet onto quality white paper
The A6 Christmas recipes onto quality white card

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out one of the tartan background panels, the sugar, flour and butter packets and the oatmeal shortbread recipe.

Stick the background panel to a white A6 card blank with double-sided tape. Stick the recipe card with sticky pads.

These tiny miniatures are quite fiddly but pretty cute when they're done! The sugar pack is folded (unpadded), wrapped around with clear plastic (packaging or card bag) and stuck with double-sided tape. Finish it with the little sugar label.

Both the flour and butter packs have been wrapped round tiny pieces of fun foam and sealed with double-sided tape.

Stick to the card blank with further double-sided tape or Aleene's tacky glue for extra security.

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Products used on the A6 Oatmeal Shortbread card

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