Project - Christmas Pumpkin Pie Recipe Card

Cute little whisk on this one - really easy to make.

For this one print:-

The Pumpkin pie recipe cards onto quality white card (or paper)
The full-size gingham background onto quality white paper (or card)
The Christmas Recipes Extras sheet 2 onto white paper (printer paper will do)

Cut out a piece of the gingham background to the same size as a white DL card blank and stick it with double-sided tape.

Cut out one of the Pumpkin pie recipe cards with a craft knife and ruler and stick it to a larger piece of silver metallic card and trim to leave a small border. Stick to the card blank with sticky pads.

To make the whisk, carefully cut out one of the long red triangle from the Extras sheet, making sure that you trim off all the white paper. Roll it tightly and evenly around a cocktail stick, starting with the large end. Fix the end with a weeny bit of double-sided tape (helpful if you add the d-s tape before cutting out the triangle). This is your whisk handle.

The looped handle and whisk-end are made using separate bits of 20-gauge craft wire. The handle is just a short length of wire bent over and squeezed together with pliers. The whisk end is made by winding wire evenly around a cocktail stick, then bend the coil around and squeeze the end together with pliers. Both pieces are not fixed as such - just push them into the paper handle and the tension of the wire holds them in place.

Stick the whisk to the card blank with Aleene's tacky glue applied to the paper handle only.

The little cinnamon pot is made with the cinnamon piece from the extras sheet - carefully cut it out, add a small piece of double-sided tape to the end (and remove the backing), then roll it tightly around a cocktail stick, starting with the non-sticky end. Tap down the roll on your work-surface to even it up then stick down with the tape. 

Stick it to the card blank with Aleene's tacky glue.

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