Project - Christmas Doughnuts Recipe Card

Lovely Christmas doughnuts recipe card featuring great little 'doughnuts' and paper embellishments simply made with our printable sheet.

For this one print:-

The gingham A5 background panel(s) onto white card (or paper)
The Christmas Doughnuts sheet onto white card (or paper)
The Christmas Recipes 'Extras' sheets onto white paper

Cut out one of the A5 background panels and stick it to the front of an A5 white card blank with double-sided tape.

Cut out one of the Christmas Doughnuts recipe cards with a craft knife and ruler. Stick it to a larger piece of silver metallic card and trim around to leave a small border. Add sticky pads to the back and stick it into the space on the background panel with sticky pads.

For the baking powder and cinnamon, cut out the appropriate pieces from the Extras sheets. Roll around a cocktail stick and affix the end with double-sided tape. It doesn't matter too much if you don't roll evenly as you can tap down the little roll on your work surface to even it up.

The flour is made with a 2.5 x 1.5cm piece of fun foam and some folded up kitchen roll padding, to make an authentic looking 'squidgy' bag. Folded up kitchen roll and stick it to the fun foam with d-s tape, then wrap the little bundle in the flour wrapper. Make sure you don't fold the paper to make sharp creases - just wrap it around the foam and kitchen roll piece and stick with double-sided tape.

And for the little 'doughnuts', these are simply Cheerios (or other similar breakfast cereal). Take a few of the darker ones and either spray them with varnish or do what I did, paint them with watered down tacky glue. This makes them much more durable and adds a lovely 'sugar-glazed' shine to them. If you've watered down your tacky glue as I did, they tend to get softer before they go harder but don't despair - leave them overnight to dry and you should end up with lovely hard authentic 'doughnuts'.

Stick the cinnamon, baking powder and 'doughnuts' to the card with (Aleene's) tacky glue and the flour with double-sided tape or tacky glue.

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