Project - Christmas Dundee Cake Recipe Card

Lovely Dundee cake recipe card with Scottish charm!

For this one print:-

The A5 tartan background panel(s) onto quality white card or paper
The Dundee cake recipe card sheet onto quality white card (or paper)
The Christmas Extras sheets 1 & 2 onto white paper (printer paper will do)

Carefully cut out one of the tartan background panels, a Dundee cake recipe, the raisins bag and label, the sugar bag and label and a flour bag with a craft knife and ruler.

Mount both the background panel and the recipe onto a larger piece of gold metallic card and trim around to leave a small border. Stick both pieces to an A5 card blank with double-sided tape.

To make the raisin and the sugar packets, fold up the little packs around pieces of folded kitchen roll to make authentic squashy packets. Don't sharply crease the paper.

You can use the packs as they are or I've used little pieces of clear packaging (or card bag) and wrapped them around the paper parcels, sticking it at the back with double-sided tape. This makes them look like proper little bags that you might buy from the supermarket. Finish the bags with the appropriate little labels and stick them to the card blank with double-sided tape.

For the flour bag, wrap the flour-bag paper around a 2.5 x 1.5cm piece of fun foam and folded kitchen roll for padding. Use double-sided tape to hold all the pieces together and to finish the bag at the back. Stick it to the card blank with further double-sided tape.

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