Project - Chocolate Plum Pudding card

A gorgeous miniature Christmas cracker features on this card.

To make this card print:-

The Chocolate Plum Pudding motif sheet onto quality white card
The Holly (green) background onto quality white paper
The Christmas Kitchen Minis 3 sheet onto quality white paper
The Christmas Kitchen Minis 1 sheet onto quality white card

The Christmas Kitchen Minis 1 sheet can downloaded for free by clicking here. Click on the link to open the image in Adobe Acrobat reader - if you need it you can download it for free by clicking on the button below.


To make the card, completely cover the front of a cream 7" x 5" card blank with the holly backing paper using double-sided tape.

Cut out a Chocolate Plum Pudding picture and recipe from the motif sheet, together with a Happy Christmas Square from the Christmas Kitchen Minis 1 sheet with a craft knife and ruler. Mount them onto larger pieces of gold metallic card with double-sided tape and trim round with your craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.

To make the little Christmas cracker, cut out the small holly rectangle from the bottom of the Christmas Kitchen Minis 3 sheet, and also one of the cracker middles as marked.

Using a cocktail stick to start it off, roll up the cracker middle (fairly tightly). Stick the end down with tape. 

Place the holly piece face-down and add double-sided tape along one long edge. Stick the 'middle' into place on the opposite side to the taped edge with a little piece of d-s tape and roll up.

Squeeze down the cracker at either end of the firm middle piece to soften and crease the paper. I used a piece of craft wire to crease it right in, and an alum key to re-shape the ends after squeezing.

Finally, I've used very thin strips of gold pulling ribbon (not fabric ribbon) to decorate the cracker - tie it round the ends and curl with small scissor blades.

The cracker on this card rests on a little gold serviette - this is a corner cut from a full-size gold serviette that we had left over from last Christmas (your local cheap shop should stock something similar).

To assemble the card, arrange the pieces on the card blank and when you're happy with the positioning, stick the metallic card-edged pieces into place with sticky pads. Stick down the serviette with double-sided tape and add the cracker with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

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