Project - Chintz Tablecloth Fancy Pastry card

I love this card - it's just so pretty! This one was made using a 15cm square card blank.

For this one print:-

The Chintz background onto quality white paper
The Fancy Pastry motif sheet onto quality white card

Cut a 15cm square of the flowery paper and stick it to your square card blank with double-sided tape.

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out the cake picture and the recipe. The apron and oven glove can be cut out using a combination of small scissors and your craft knife and ruler for the straight bits.

Angle the cakes and the recipe on the card and when you're happy with the positioning, stick with sticky pads.

The apron and oven glove are embellished with pink narrow satin ribbon, all stuck with double-sided tape.

For the apron, cut a 7cm piece of ribbon for the head-loop and two 3cm pieces for the ties. Cut the ribbon-ends at an angle with very sharp scissors for the ties. Position the double-sided tape on the back of the apron and simply press the ribbon into place.

For the oven-glove, fold ribbon around the base of the glove and secure at the back with d-s tape. Loop a separate small piece of ribbon and add it on the thumb side of the glove.

Add both embellishments to the card with sticky pads.

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