Project - Custard Pie Recipe card

This card has a real retro feel about it.

For this one print:-

The Custard pie recipe card sheet onto quality white card
The Polka dot (mint) background onto quality white paper
The Kitchenware (mint) background onto quality white paper
The Kitchen Minis 4 sheet onto quality white card

The Kitchen Minis 4 sheet can downloaded for free by clicking here. Click on the link to open the image in Adobe Acrobat reader - if you need it you can download it for free by clicking on the button below.


A 7" x 5" card blank was used here. I wanted a nice ivory card blank to go with this set but the cards I had were either white or the wrong shade of cream or ivory. For this reason I've put an extra sheet in the set which is just a plain ivory colour to enable you to print a white card blank with the correct shade. If you want to do the same, you can print all of your white card blanks for this set with this ivory sheet or you can use it to print card and paper for matting and layering too.

For the rest of the card, cover the bottom 9cm of the card blank with the polka dot background and the top 8.5cm with the kitchen utensils background (both pieces stuck with double-sided tape).

Cut out one of the custard pie motifs and a recipe with a craft knife and ruler and mount them to larger pieces of silver metallic card with double-sided tape before trimming round to leave a small border. Mount the two pieces to the card with sticky pads.

Use small scissors to cut out a larger spatula and wooden spoon from the Kitchen Minis 4 sheet. Mount both pieces to the card blank with sticky pads.

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Products used on the Custard Pie Recipe card

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