Project - Doughnuts Recipe card

Great little chef's hat mini on this card!

For this one print:-

The Doughnuts motif sheet onto quality white card
The Kitchen Minis 1 sheet onto quality white card
The Kitchen Minis 3 sheet onto quality white paper
The pink polka dot background onto quality white paper
The Template sheet onto thin white card (around 160gsm)

Cover the front of an ivory DL (tall) card blank with the pink polka dot background paper. If you don't have an ivory card blank, we've included a plain ivory sheet in the set so you can print your own (onto white card).

Cut out (with an ivory border) a doughnut motif and recipe and two of the plain mounting squares from the Kitchen Minis 1 sheet with a craft knife and ruler.

Arrange all 4 pieces on the card blank and when you're happy with the positioning, stick with sticky pads.

To make the chef's hat you'll need an 8cm circle of white polycotton-type fabric (you can use the template on the template sheet for this). I used one of my son's old school shirts for the fabric (love a bit of recycling!) but you could also use an old sheet or pillowcase for this. If you have nothing old to cut up at all, try going to a Pound Shop and buying a pack of men's white hankies to use instead.

I'm afraid there's a little sewing to do here but not much - just a running stitch around the edge of the circle. Once done, pull it in tight and add a few stitches to finish. On the template there's another little strip which makes the rim of the hat (and the reason why the sheet should be printed onto thin white card). Apply double-sided tape to the back of the strip and wrap it around the fabric piece that that the two ends overlap by 1.5cm.

Squash it down a little so that the card pieces forms a semi-circle shape - it should go flat at the back where the ends are overlapped with the front forming a nice semi-circle over the fabric. Use double-sided tape or a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's to stick it to the blank mounting square on the card. You could also make the rim of the hat with 15mm white satin or grosgrain ribbon.

For the little recipe book, cut out a cover and around 4-5 of the mini recipes with a craft knife and ruler. Add 3mm tape to the left hand side of each page and make a little stack of pages, finishing by adding the stack to the recipe book cover and folding it over. If you don't have 3mm tape, cut a strip to this size from 6mm or 12mm tape.

Stick the recipe book to the free mounting square with further double-sided tape.

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