Project - Jam Roly Poly Recipe card

This card features what is probably my favourite miniature of this set - the little jam pot. Although on reflection I also love the aprons, recipe books, chef's hat, piping bag, salt dough eclair, oven gloves ........ yeah I just love them all!

A 7" x 5" ivory card blank has been used here. As before, if you don't have any pale ivory card blanks, you can print your own onto white card using the plain ivory sheet that's in this Cake Recipes set.

For this one print:

The Jam Roly Poly motifs onto quality white card
The pink polka dot background onto quality white paper
The Kitchen Minis 2 sheet onto quality white paper (for the jam)
The Kitchen Minis 3 sheet onto quality white paper (for the ultra-mini recipe book)

Completely cover the front of the card blank with the polka dot paper using double-sided tape.

Cut out a jam roly poly motif and recipe (with ivory border) with a craft knife and ruler. Using small scissors, carefully cut out one of the spoons from the same sheet.

Arrange the picture and recipe on the card blank at angles and when you're happy with them, stick with sticky pads.

To make the jam pot, cut out one of the long red 'jam' strips from the Kitchen Minis 2 sheet with a craft knife and ruler plus one of the checked jam pot covers (with small scissors).

Roll up the jam-pot strip, starting the roll with a cocktail stick. Don't roll this one tightly, in fact you can let it go a little until you get the size you require (about 9-10mm diameter). You don't need to stick it when you start rolling but add a piece of double-sided tape that's at least 3cm long at the end (so it doesn't come undone).

For the cover, add a square or circle of double-sided tape to the top end of the jam 'jar' and place the pot down centrally on the circle. Neatly fold down the pot cover all around the little pot, creasing firmly. Add it to the card blank with a strong tacky glue.

For the little recipe book, cut out a cover and around 4-5 of the mini recipes with a craft knife and ruler. Add 3mm tape to the left hand side of each page and make a little stack of pages, finishing by adding the stack to the recipe book cover and folding it over. If you don't have 3mm tape, cut a strip to this size from 6mm or 12mm tape.

Stick the recipe book to the card blank with further double-sided tape.

Finally, add the spoon to the card with sticky pads.

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