Project - Chocolate Peppermints card

This card was borne out of an accident but a happy one nonetheless!

I forgot to print the background panel using the borderless setting so there was a gap top and bottom of the card. I created and used a border strip to cover the gap with pretty results. Well, waste not, want not!

For this one, print:-

The Chocolate Peppermints card image onto linen card (either borderless or not!).
The Chocolate extras sheet onto white paper (printer paper will do).

The Chocolate Extras sheet can downloaded for free by clicking here. Click on the link to open the image in Adobe Acrobat reader - if you need it you can download it for free by clicking on the button below.


Cut out the background panel, the border strips and the recipe card with a craft knife and ruler. Mount the background panel onto an A5 white card blank with double-sided tape. Trim the border strips to fit top and bottom of the card and carefully add with further tape so that the edge just meets the edges of the large panel.

Stick the recipe card to a larger piece of silver metallic card and trim around with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border. Add to the large panel with double-sided tape.

The 'peppermint creams' are made with a hole punch together with pink and aqua coloured fun foam - stick with tacky glue such as Aleene's.

The 'Tale & Lyte' sugar pack is made with the icing sugar pack cut out from the Chocolate extras sheet wrapped around a 2-piece thickness of fun foam cut to 2.5 x 1.8cm. It's a good idea to pre-crease the little packet before wrapping it around the fun foam so that you get nice sharp edges to the finished box. Stick it at the back with double-sided tape and mount to the card blank the same way.

Finally, the little chocolate bar is made with a small scrap of caramel-coloured fun foam - make the indentations by heating a table-knife for a few seconds in the gas. Wrap it using a little scrap of kitchen aluminium foil.

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