Project - Easter Hot Cross Buns card

This is a lovely bright, cheery card for Easter.

For this one print:-

The Hot Cross Buns motifs onto quality white card
The Easter Extras 1 sheet onto quality white paper
The Easter Extras 2 sheet onto quality white card
The daffodils background paper onto quality white paper

To make the card, cover the front of a white 7" x 5" card with the daffodils background paper using double-sided tape.

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out one of the hot cross bun pictures, a greeting and a recipe, leaving the yellow border only. Add them to the card blank with sticky pads.

Cut out a yellow flour packet and a butter packet from the Easter Extras 1 sheet with small scissors. I've wrapped the butter wrapper around 2 thickness of pale-coloured fun foam measuring 2 x 1.2cm and sealed it with double-sided tape.

For the flour packet, I've used a 2.5cm strip of kitchen roll, folded to measure 1.5cm wide - this creates a squashier-looking packet, more like flour is really.

When both miniatures are made, stick them to the card blank using a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's. Weigh down the packets lightly (with a small punch, for example, or mobile phone!) while the glue sets.

Finally, cut out a wooden spoon, spatula and yellow Easter eggs from the Extras 2 sheet - I've cut one of the eggs here from a yellow oven glove (draw round another egg for this).

Add these pieces with to the card with sticky pads.

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Products used on the Easter Hot Cross Buns card

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