This is a great birthday card for an 18th birthday but you can of course adapt it to whatever age and colour you want.

Fantastic mini party hat, birthday candles and party blowers on this one - great fun to make!

For this one print:-

The 15cm square blue dots background panel sheet onto quality white card or paper
The 18 motif sheet onto quality white card
The blue striped background sheet onto quality white paper, then print the The Birthday Numbers Minis Assorted sheet onto the other side
The Birthday Numbers Miniatures blue onto quality white paper
The punch strips sheet onto quality white card

To make the card, cut out the blue-edged background panel and stick it to a 15cm square white card blank with double-sided tape.

Cut out one of the blue number motifs and a 10.5cm square piece of the striped background paper and stick them both to larger pieces of silver metallic card with double-sided tape before trimming round each one with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border. Stick the striped panel to the card with double-sided tape and add the number with sticky pads.

To make the party hat:-

Cut a 6 x 4.5cm piece from the blue part of the double-sided paper that you've printed. Fold it in half horizontally so that the dotted paper is on the outside, then fold again and unfold. Fold down the corners to the crease line, then fold the edges of the paper up over the hat to reveal the striped reverse side. Add to the card with double-sided tape.

For the balloons:-

Cut out three balloon shapes from the punch strips with a small balloon or egg punch (egg used here). Add little bits of double-sided tape to the back of the balloon shapes and stick to lengths of 26 gauge silver craft wire.

Add sticky pads to the back of the balloon and apply a little tacky glue to the back of the wire using a cocktail stick and add to the card blank, weighing down lightly if necessary until the glue dries. Add a silver ribbon bow with tacky glue.

To make the party blowers:- 

Cut one of the party blower strips from the miniatures sheet, along with one of the white strips next to it. Add double-sided tape to the back of the patterned strip then fold in each side longways. Use a cocktail stick to roll up the strip, then let the roll go so it opens up a little - see ours for guidance.

For the white mouthpiece, take the white strip of paper and add small pieces of double-sided tape to one end and also around 1.5cm in on the other end. Roll the strip around a cocktail stick, starting at the end where the tape is 1.5cm in (don't put it at the end or you will just stick the strip to the cocktail stick and you won't be able to get it off!).

Roll up the white strip, graduating it slightly as you go to form the mouthpiece. This piece is a bit fiddly so it took a few tries before I got a couple that I was happy with. Once rolled and stuck into place with double-sided tape, ease a little tacky glue (such as Aleene's) into the mouthpiece, squash up the end of the blower piece and push it into the mouthpiece. Allow to dry before sticking to the card with tacky glue applied to the back of the blower with a cocktail stick.

To make the candles:-

Cut the candles pieces from the sheet using a craft knife and ruler. Apply narrow double-sided tape to one end then roll the piece around a cocktail stick, sealing at the end with the tape. Stick to the card blank with Aleene's tacky glue, then add a 'flame' cut from yellow fun foam (or yellow card and a sticky pad) using a teardrop hand-punch.

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