This pretty card is very easy to make using our downloadables.

An A6 card hammer white card blank has been used here. Download the cerise flowers background and print it onto hammer white paper. Cut a 6 x 14.8cm strip of this and apply double-sided tape to the back. Stick it to the card blank so that it wraps around the spine of the card with 1cm of paper folded around the spine leaving around 5cm on the front of the card. It's best to make sure that you have a strip of double-sided tape on the paper exactly where it meets the spine of the card to make sure it doesn't look 'baggy' when the card is open.

Download the birthday panels sheet. Print this onto white hammer card and cut out the cerise panel with a trimmer or craft knife and ruler. Mount this onto a larger piece of silver metallic card and trim it to leave a small (2mm) border.

On this card I've added three little 'danglies' to the bottom of wording panel for added interest. To do this, punch three holes around 3-4mm from the bottom using a 1/16" holepunch (the smallest punch in the set). Take a short length of 26 guage silver craft wire and make a loop at one end with round-nose pliers. Thread a silver pearl bead onto the wire, followed by a pink flower bead. Thread the wire through the hole on the birthday panel and bend it closed with pliers, cutting off any excess wire. Repeat for the other two holes.

Use sticky pads to apply the panel to the card blank - or another useful way! For large panels like this, sticky pads can be fiddly. Use white fun foam as a large sticky pad instead! You can use self adhesive foam and apply double sided tape to the other side or just use the d-s tape on both sides of plain fun foam. And you can either cut one big piece or use it in strips. Either way, it's a lot less fiddly than little sticky pads! Try using different coloured fun foam depending on what you're sticking.

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