Origami dogs anniversary card

These origami dogs are incredibly easy to make, even easier than the cats!  Print both sides of your paper to make the dogs.

For this one print:-

The pink dog sheet onto white paper, then flip it over and print
The plain pink sheet onto the other side
The 7" x 5" pink card blank onto heavyweight (280-300gsm) card.  (If you prefer, print onto a lighter weight card and cut out just the front panel and attach it to a heavier weight card blank).

To make the dog bodies:-

Cut out two of the smaller dog bodies and heads from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler - make sure you pick both a right-facing and a left-facing dog.  Then follow these instructions:-


Fold the piece diagonally so it looks like this.


Now emboss the long printed line with an embossing tool or similar.


Fold back the front piece of paper to make 'legs' and fold over the top as shown.  Whatever colour you have printed on the back of your paper will now be revealed.


Now crease the other two printed lines with your ruler and embossing tool.  Emboss slightly to the left of the central printed line so that this doesn't show on your finished dog.


Fold the piece backwards (mountain fold) at the central line.


Fold the piece on the other line (valley fold) to bring the tail forwards to look like this.



To make the dog head:-

Lay out your dog head piece.


Now fold the piece diagonally so that it looks like this.


Emboss the three printed lines (for the ears and chin) with a ruler and embossing tool or similar.


Fold both ears forward and fold the chin piece back.


Use double-sided tape under the ears and at the back under the chin piece to keep the dog head flat.

To make the card:-

Crease and cut out the 7" x 5" card blank.  If you prefer, print the sheet onto lighter card and cut out the front panel only, then stick this onto a heavyweight card blank with double-sided tape.

Stick the dog bodies onto the card with double-sided tape, then add the heads.

Add a greeting if required.

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