Project - Wagtail Decoupage Birthday Card

I've used all the decoupage pieces to make this lovely card - nose, eyes and all, but you can choose or omit as many layers as you like!

For this one print:-

The Wagtail Sitting decoupage sheet onto quality white card
The A6 Cerise Polka dot card blank onto quality white card

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out the card blank. Make sure that you cut slightly inside the black outline so that this can't be seen on the finished card. Lightly emboss the crease of the card blank with the back of the blade of a pair of scissors (or similar) and fold. Trim it with your craft knife and ruler if necessary.

Cut out the decoupage pieces with a small pair of sharp scissors. Stick the bottom decoupage layer to the card with double-sided tape and the subsequent layers with sticky pads.

To finish the card, add white grosgrain ribbon with double-sided tape and a greeting from the card blank sheet which has been mounted onto silver metallic card.

Products used on the Wagtail Decoupage Birthday Card

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