Origami Music Christmas Tree

This origami Christmas tree is made from the "O Christmas Tree" sheet music.  It's so easy to make but looks so special!

For this one print:-

- A background and Christmas tree sheet* onto a good quality white paper such as Print Perfect 90
- The pots and stars sheet directly onto the back of silver metallic card (if this isn't possible on your printer, print onto paper and use the shapes as templates) 

*The background piece on this sheet is for an A6 card - if you want a different size card, choose one of the other background sheets and cut it to size.

To make the card:-

Cut out the background piece from the sheet and stick it to a larger piece of metallic card with double-sided tape before trimming round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.  Stick it with further double-sided tape to an A6 card blank.

To make the origami Christmas tree, fold all 4 sizes of square in the following way:-

1. Start with your square white-side up.



2. Carefully fold diagonally and unfold.



3. Fold the other way diagonally and unfold.



4. Fold horizontally and unfold.  Your square should now look like this.



5. Now push in the 2 sides to form a folded triangle like this.



6. Now fold both sides into the centre so that they meet.


Remember - careful cutting and folding is essential for perfect finished results!

Repeat on all 4 squares.

Once you've got your four folded squares in decreasing sizes, you can assemble the tree. Tuck the point of the largest shape into the folded inverted diamond of the shape that's the next size down.  Continue through to the smallest.  Once it's done, add a strip of double-sided tape to the back to keep all the bits together.

Cut out a pot and a star from your pre-printed silver metallic card, or use a punched star if you have an appropriate sized star punch.  Arrange the origami tree, pot and star on the card and when you're happy with the arrangement, stick them in place with double-sided tape.

Decorate the pot, star and Christmas tree points with clear gems.