Origami Music Christmas Crackers

Whether you want to make a large cracker for the table or a mini one for the Christmas tree, the instructions are the same.

For this one print:-

Your chosen cracker onto thin card - inkjet card around 140-170gsm is best (Print Perfect 160 is great for this)

To make:-

Cut out the cracker with a craft knife and ruler and apply a length of double-sided tape along one of the long sides. Lightly indent a line along the centre of the diamonds, fold and snip out the diamonds with a small pair or scissors.

Roll up the cracker and stick it together with the tape, matching up the first diamond. Tie at one end with pulling ribbon or fancy fibres, then add a snap (available from party shops and Ebay), party hat, motto and gift. Tie at the other end.

To make up the hat, print onto paper such as Print Perfect 90, cut out and stick together at both ends with double-sided tape. Roll or fold to add to the cracker.

Cracker mottos can be printed onto Print Perfect 90 or printer paper.