This is a pretty card that it would be good to get the kids to make for a grandparent - they can enjoy eating the fruit and saving the pips too!

For this one print:-

The Orange Seed Packets onto quality white paper
The Apple Seed Packets onto quality white paper
The Gardening Miniatures sheet onto quality white paper
The pale pink paper from the Vintage Floral paper pad onto quality white paper

To make the card, cover a 7" x 5" cream or ivory card blank with the backing paper using double-sided tape.

Cut out the seed packets with a craft knife and ruler, indent/emboss the folds with an embossing tool or used-up biro, then stick down the flaps with double-sided tape or glue-stick. I stuck mine down so that the flaps were on the outside of the back-flap so that there's no untidy edges showing - but it's up to you how you do it.

Eat some apples and oranges - and encourage the other members of your household to do so too! Save the pips and carefully wash them and leave them to dry. Add them to the seed packets and seal down the flap with double-sided tape If you have re-positionable tape, that would be good for this but it's not essential.

Make up the handles for the little trowel and fork by cutting out two of the green triangular pieces from the sheet, then rolling them tightly round a cocktail stick, sealing the end with double-sided tape or a dot of tacky glue.

Dip the end of a cocktail stick into some more tacky glue and push it back into the centre of the handle. Cut off the cocktail stick so that a short length is left sticking out of the handle. For the trowel, I've used a small egg punch and some silver metallic card - emboss a line down the centre and bend it up slightly before sticking it to the extruding cocktail stick/handle part with more tacky glue. For the fork, I used a small hand-shaped punch and then trimmed off the first finger and thumb and used small scissors to shape the bottom. Stick to the cocktail stick/handle in the same way as for the trowel.

Stick both the tools onto the card with further tacky glue, allowing plenty of time for the glue to dry. 

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