Fab miniature apple crate on this card, made with a special ingredient - a coffee stirrer!

For this one print:-

The Apple & Pear blossom motif sheet onto quality white card
The mini fruit and flower seed packet sheet onto quality white paper
The red sheet from the Vintage Floral paper pad onto quality white paper

The Apple & Pear blossom motif sheet can downloaded for free by clicking here. Click on the link to open the image in Adobe Acrobat reader - if you need it you can download it for free by clicking on the button below.

To make the card, cover a 7" x 5" cream or ivory card blank with the backing paper using double-sided tape.

Add one of the apple & pear blossom motifs to the card with sticky pads.

The little apple crate is made from one of those wooden stirrers that you get in coffee shops - they're easy to cut with scissors and you can sand them with an emery board or sandpaper.

This one is made with three 4cm length and two 2.5cm lengths cut from the rounded ends and stuck together with strong tacky glue. Once it's dry, cut out a few of the little apples from the motif sheet and stick them to the back of the crate before sticking the whole thing onto the card.

The little seed packet has been cut from the mini packet sheet, folded and stuck together and then added to the card with sticky pads.

Finally, add a few apple pips with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

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