Project - Dream Roses Gift Bag

This little bag is ideal to use as a gift bag for a whole host of presents - tea bags, coffee, bath crystals, pot pourri and more.

Here we've added a little metal whisk to the outside and tucked a little pack of hot chocolate powder and some mini marshmallows inside.

To make up this 13cm tall bag, print the downloadable onto white paper - quality paper is best but printer paper will do as long as your knife is sharp, otherwise you will tear the paper.

Cut out the bag with a craft knife and ruler. Fold the paper on all the lines. Add a strip of 12mm double-sided tape to the long edge of the side of the bag and overlap the other side by the width of the tape. Crease the sides of the bag longways down the middle.

The bottom of the bag is folded like a present - lines are given to guide you. It helps to wrap the bag around something to keep it firm while you're doing it - I used a plastic embellishment (business card) box which was just the right size. Tape the bottom of the bag with double-sided tape so that the tape doesn't show.

Neatly fold over the top of the bag by 8-10mm and punch a little hole through all the layers with an 1/8" hole punch.

Add your desired contents to the bag (teabags, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sweets etc). Powdery contents such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate are best put into a plastic bag first.

Thread 3mm cream ribbon through the hole and add a tag with a hole punched through. A little whisk (from Mad about Cards) has been threaded onto the ribbon here too. 

Tie the ribbon into a bow to finish.

Products used on the Dream Roses Gift Bag

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