Stunning Gordon Crosby sunset picture here.

For this one print:-

The On Test at Sunset motifs onto 250gsm Print Perfect card (or similar)
The On Test at Sunset background onto 90, 120 or 160gsm Print Perfect paper (or similar)
The GC Assorted Miniatures sheet onto white printer paper

To make the card, cover the front of a 7" x 5" card blank with the background paper using double-sided tape. I've used 160gsm paper to print this onto, but you could also use a lighter paper if you prefer.

Cut out one of the 8cm wide motifs and stick it onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape before trimming around with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.

Cut out one of the mini newspapers and fold up the piece, using several bits of double-sided tape inside to keep it closed. Fold the newspaper up and fasten with more double-sided tape.  I've just used one sheet to make up the paper but if you want a slightly thicker one, cut out another one and fold them together.

For the speedometer (or compass), I've used 16mm clear dome stickers here (from Ebay).  Stick them to the appropriate sized piece on the assorted miniatures sheet, then trim round with small scissors.  There are other sized dials on the sheet in case you happen to have different sized dome stickers.

To assemble the card, arrange the items on the card blank until you're happy with the arrangement.  Add the picture at an angle with sticky pads, then add the greeting, newspaper and compass/speedometer with double-sided tape.

Products used on the On Test at Sunset Birthday Card

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