Fantastic King Kong cinema card, complete with a fab little sweetie bag and good-enough-to-eat sweets.

For this one print:-

The King Kong mini poster sheet onto quality white card
The Cinema Mini Sweet Bags sheet onto white paper - printer paper will do
The Cinema (coloured) background onto quality white paper

To make the card, stick a 12 x 17cm piece of the background paper onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape, then trim the card with a craft knife and ruler to measure 12.5 x 17.8cm - to cover the front of a cream 7" x 5" card blank. Stick to the card with double-sided tape and trim if necessary.

Mount a large King Kong motif onto silver metallic card and trim with your craft knife and ruler as before.

To make the sweetie bag:- 

Cut out one of the bags from the sheet and fold on all the lines. Add narrow double-sided to seal the side of the bag, then fold up the bottom like a present - stick with double-sided tape or a dab of tacky glue. The bag has been made tall enough so that you can fold it over at the top but as this particular one isn't folded over, trim the top of the bag once it's made up so that the total length is 4cm.

To make the 3-layer liquorice allsorts:- 

Stick three layers of fun foam together with double-sided tape - white on one side, black in the middle and a colour on the other side (orange, yellow and deep pink are great). Cut a strip that's around 7mm wide, then trim off 7mm pieces to make the sweets.

To make fudge:- 

As for the liquorice allsorts above but these ones have just 2 layers of the same colour fun foam in caramel (you can also use dark brown to make chocolate fudge).

To make the Jazzies:- 

Cut circles of lemon/cream fun foam using an 8mm circle hand-punch. Using the same punch, cut circles from the panels on the sweetie bag sheet. Paint tacky glue onto the back of each of the circles of papers and add to the fun foam circle.

To make the round liquorice allsort:-

Stick two layers of the same colour fun foam together with double-sided tape, then use an 8mm circle hand-punch to cut out the sweets. Using a smaller (3mm) hand-punch, punch out a circle from black paper or card and stick to the sweet with a little dab of tacky glue.

To make the black liquorice allsort:-

Mine is made with 'modelling clay' (plasticine) that I bought from our local 99p shop. It's not a very permanent sweet as it's still soft but I've positioned it between other fun foam sweets so that it's not too easy to squash flat. If you have Fimo, try it with this.

Roll a long thin sausage of white clay, then roll out black clay thinly. Roll the black clay around the white clay sausage and roll it so that it's even. Cut the sweets with a knife and pick the best one to add to the card.

To make the cinema tickets:-

Cut the small tickets from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler, then use a small (3mm) circle hand-punch to nip out sem-circles in the ends. If you don't have a small hole-punch, you don't need to worry, just use the tickets as they are.

To complete the card, arrange the mini King Kong poster, sweetie bag, sweets, tickets and a couple of the words from the sheet on your card. When you're happy with the arrangement, add the mini poster with sticky pads, the sweet bag, words and tickets with double-sided tape and then finally the sweets with Aleene's tacky glue applied with a cocktail stick.

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