Fantastic Dracula cinema card, complete with a fab popcorn container and soft drink.

For this one print:-

The Dracula mini poster sheet onto quality white card
The Cinema Miniatures sheet onto thin white card
The Film Reel pattern background onto quality white paper

To make the card, stick a 12 x 17cm piece of the background paper (landscape-way-round) onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape, then trim the card with a craft knife and ruler to measure 12.5 x 17.8cm - to cover the front of a cream 7" x 5" card blank. Stick to the card with double-sided tape and trim if necessary.

Mount a large Dracula motif onto silver metallic card and trim with your craft knife and ruler as before.

To make the popcorn container:-

Cut out the popcorn container from the cinema miniatures sheet using a craft knife and ruler. Crease/emboss all the fold-lines with an embossing tool or similar and fold. Position narrow double-sided tape where the flaps meet and stick together. I've used a couple of mini staples at the back too, to make sure it stays stuck. Add 'popcorn' with beige/cream tissue paper that's been scrunched up.

To make the soft drinks cup:-

Cut out the striped semi-circle cup piece from the miniatures sheet. Roll up the piece around something round, such as a marker pen. Overlap the cup piece until it's the size that you want, then stick with Aleene's tacky glue - hold it together with mini pegs whilst the glue's drying.

For the straw:-

There are three plain rectangles on the sweet bag sheet - these are straws! Roll up around a cocktail stick then transfer to something a little smaller if you have it, to make a thinner straw - I used a large sewing needle. Seal with double-sided tape. Stick to the inside of the soft drinks cup with Aleene's tacky glue.

To make the cinema tickets:-

Cut the small tickets from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler, then use a small (3mm) circle hand-punch to nip out sem-circles in the ends. If you don't have a small hole-punch, you don't need to worry, just use the tickets as they are.

To complete the card, arrange the mini Dracula poster, popcorn container, soft drinks cup, tickets, a clapperboard and one of the related words from the sheet on your card. When you're happy with the arrangement, add the mini poster, popcorn container, clapperboard and tickets with double-sided tape, the 'Horror' word with sticky pads and the soft drinks cup with Aleene's tacky glue.

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