For this one print:-

The Floral Origami Shirt sheet onto quality white paper
The denim background onto quality white paper
The Shirt background - Floral blue onto quality white paper

To make the card, stick a 19.5 x 8.5cm piece of denim paper onto a 21 x 10cm piece of the blue floral paper, then onto a white DL card blank with double-sided tape.

To make the origami shirt:-


Start off with a piece of paper that is 13cm x 7.5cm or one of our ready-done origami shirt pieces which has pre-printed guide lines on it. If you're using the latter, the triangular guide line arrangement should be at the top of the piece (hard to see here).












Fold the paper in half, with the pattern still visible, and then unfold it. Our ready-done shirts have small guide lines at each end - use a ruler to emboss along this line first before folding for a really accurate fold.








Turn the paper over and fold the two long edges in towards the centre crease so that they meet neatly in the middle.












Turn up the two bottom middle corners so that they meet the outer edge of the paper. This will form two diagonal creases.











Turn up the bottom of the paper and fold it over where the flaps from the previous step end.













Stick your fingers inside the folded up area. Grab hold of the tip of the corner piece on one side. Pull it out and to the side. Now repeat this for the corner piece on the other side.









Now tuck each corner back inside itself to form the sleeves.











Turn the paper over and emboss the straight crease line with an embossing tool or cocktail stick, then fold (embossing it first makes for a neater fold).











Turn the paper over again and emboss the two angled crease lines before folding them in to form the collar. Make sure that the tips of the collar meet.











Finally fold the bottom of the paper up and under the tips of the collar. Shirt folding is complete!









When you have completed the shirts, use strips of double sided tape on each side to seal them shut.

You can either use ready-made wire coat-hangers here or make your own with craft wire - these ones I made myself with 26 gauge silver wire. As you can see most of the hanger, the bottoms of the hangers are just loops rather than triangle shapes which makes it easier to push them into the necks of the shirts.

Once you've made your three hangers and pushed them into the shirts, arrange the shirts at equal intervals on the card, then mark where you want to put your brads. Make holes for the brads with a pokey tool and push them through. Stick the shirts with double-sided tape, then hook the hangers over the brads (you may need to loosen them a little to do this).

Try different shirt and background paper designs to make similar cards.

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