Project - Jingle Bells card

This card was created using the Jingle Bells music sheet from the bonus set. I thought the Jingle Bells sheet in the set was a bit too vintage-looking for the colour of this image so we've included another, paler version in the bonus set.

For this one print:-

The Jingle Bells music sheet from the We Wish You a Merry Christmas bonus set onto quality white paper
The Reindeer 2 motifs onto quality white card

To make the card, cover the front of an ivory 7" x 5" card blank with the Jingle Bells backing paper using double-sided tape.

Cut out one of the small motifs with a craft knife and ruler, then mount it onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape and trim round with your craft knife and ruler to leave a small border. Repeat this step two more times - this creates a lovely framed-look and adds a little more dimension.

Finish the card by tying a length of silver elasticated cord around the spine and making a bow.

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