Project - The Motor Maid card

This lovely card would be ideal as a Father's Day card, birthday card or even a Good Luck card for someone going on their travels, especially by car.

For this one print:-

The Motor Maid motif sheet onto quality white card
The Vintage Map panels sheet onto quality white paper
The Car background tan onto quality white paper

To make the card, cover the front of a cream 7" x 5" card blank with a piece of the Vintage Map background, then add a 3.5cm strip of the car background to the bottom of the card, both with double-sided tape.

Cut a 1cm strip of the car background and mount it onto a larger piece of cream card - trim top and bottom with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border. Add the piece to the card with double-sided tape or sticky pads.

Mount a small motif and your chosen greeting onto larger pieces of cream card, just as for the border strip, and again trim round to leave a small border. Add the pieces to the card with double-sided tape or sticky pads.

To make the motor oil miniature, cut the long strip from the miniatures sheet with a craft knife and ruler. Roll up the strip, starting it with a cocktail stick. When you've finished rolling, let it out a little until it's the size you like and then stick the end with double-sided tape. For a nice firm roll, add another strip of paper of the same size and roll both pieces together.

For the miniature screwdriver, cut out one of the long triangular coloured pieces from the miniatures sheet. Roll it up from the large end, starting the roll with a cocktail stick (or paper clip for a smaller hole in the middle). Stick the end down with double-sided tape (to make it easy, add the double-sided tape before cutting out the piece).

The metal part is actually a piece of paper-clip. You can buy thick craft wire for this but this is usually in a roll which would be hard to straighten completely, so the paper-clip thing works quite well here! If you can find a nice big paper-clip, even better.

Cut the straight part of the paper-clip for a screwdriver with wire-cutters, then add a little tacky glue to the end and push it into the hole in the centre of the screwdriver handle. Make sure it's sitting in there straight, then leave it to dry.

For the map, cut out one of the maps from the miniatures sheet and fold it up - just as a real map would be folded. Add it to the card with double-sided tape.

Add the motor oil and the screwdriver to the card with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

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