Project - Pistachio Angel Poem card

This card uses the 'alternative' ending sheet for the How the angel got on top the Christmas tree poem so DON'T SHOW IT TO LITTLE KIDS (although the bigger ones will chuckle!)

For this one print:-

The Alternative ending angel poem sheet (blue/pistachio) onto quality white card or paper
The DL pistachio and blue background panels onto quality white card or paper

Cut out the pistachio background panel, the angel motif and a small poem from the sheets with a craft knife and ruler. Mount all three pieces onto silver metallic card with double-sided tape and trim round them to leave a small border of metallic card.

Stick the background panel to a white DL (tall) card blank with double-sided tape.

Using silver narrow ribbon, make a double length and position it on the card blank with tape. Actually I cheated with this and just used pieces of ribbon rather than full lengths as it mostly doesn't show anyway!

Stick the angel and poem pieces to the card with sticky pads. Finish the card with a ribbon bow made from silver ribbon, stuck on with Aleene's tacky glue.

Products used on the Pistachio Angel Poem card

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