Project - Judge Beer card

This card features a lovely vintage advert for Judge Beer.

For this one print:-

The Judge Beer motif sheet onto quality white card

A 15cm square card blank in ivory has been used here. If you don't have an ivory card blank (all mine are either cream or white), you can use the plain ivory sheet shown below to print your own onto a white card blank.

To make the card, cut out one of the large motifs and a length of the background/border to fit the width of the card blank.

Mount both pieces onto larger pieces of gold metallic card with double-sided tape and trim round with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border (top only on the background/border piece).

Stick the background/border piece onto the card blank with double-sided tape.

Use sticky pads and double-sided tape to stick the motif piece, using an extra layer of card to level up the layers where the motif overlaps the background.

Products used on the Judge Beer card

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