Project - Violet Angel Poem card

Simple design yet effective - and just that little bit cheeky for Christmas!

For this one print:-

The A5 raspberry/violet background panels onto quality white card or paper
The How the angel ... violet onto quality white card or paper
The Christmas trees & angels sheet onto quality white card

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out the violet background panel and the large How the angel poem.

Stick the background panel onto an A5 white card blank with double-sided tape. Stick the poem onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape and trim around with your craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.

Mount the poem piece onto the left hand side of the card with sticky pads.

Using small scissors, cut out a little angel and a couple of Christmas trees - leave a small white border around the Christmas trees when you cut them.

Stick the angel and the Christmas trees to the right hand side of the card blank with sticky pads.

Products used on the Violet Angel Poem card

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