This is a great design for a beer-loving man (or teenager!) It can easily be adapted to reflect the recipient's favourite drink by using the appropriate bottle tops with one of the other beer backing papers to match. An A6 hammer white card blank has been used here.

Cut a 2cm wide strip of green card from the mini cardstock stack and trim it so that it fits the width of the card blank, landscape way round. Stick it to the card blank with double sided tape so that it's flush to the bottom of the card.

Print the green beer backing paper onto white hammer paper. Cut a 5cm strip of your printed paper and 7.5cm piece of navy card (this one was Payper box card). Mount the paper onto the card with double-sided tape. Trim the 2 pieces together to the width of the card blank (landscape) and mount using your d-s tape so that it very slightly overlaps the green card.

To mount the bottle tops, you can use layers of sticky pads or alternatively cut squares of fun foam and stick them together with Aleene's tacky glue. I used 3 layers of fun foam, cut into squares that are roughly 1cm each. It looks as if it's not quite thick enough to mount the bottle tops but once you've added the Aleene's, it's perfect! Add a generous blob of Aleene's to stick the pads into the bottle caps and another to stick the whole piece onto the card. Alternatively, use self-adhesive fun foam.

Products used on the Grolsch card

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