This is a great beer card for those with a passion for the amber nectar! An ivory A6 hammer card blank has been used here.

Print the tan beer background on hammer ivory paper. Cut a 14.8 x 5cm strip of this paper and stick it onto the right hand side of the card blank with double-sided tape. Tape a 5 x 14.8cm piece of bronze pearlescent paper to a 5.5 x 14.8cm piece of gold metallic card - stick the bronze piece to one side of the metallic piece to reveal a narrow gold border. Stick the whole piece to the left hand side of the card blank with further d-s tape.

Print both the large and small beer motifs onto ivory hammer card - this design uses one from each of the sheets. Cut out a small beer glass motif and a large beer bottle motif. Mount them to the card blank with sticky pads.

To stick the Bud bottle top, cut several pieces of fun foam to 1 - 1.5cm square. Add small blobs of Aleene's tacky glue to stick them to each other and the bottle top - it should take 3 or 4 layers of fun foam, depending on its thickness (or use self-adhesive fun foam - it's even easier!) Once the layers are thick enough, add a generous blob of Aleene's and stick the bottle-cap/fun foam piece to the card blank.

Products used on the Bud card