Project - Snowman Poo card

Snowman poo - a cute novelty idea that can be used at craft fairs and school fairs - and for your own kids of course!

We've used 'micro' marshmallows on this card (from Asda's cake decorating section) but you could use mini marshmallows (also from Asda), white pom-poms or beads - or you could make your own little snowman 'poos' by rolling up balls of white tissue with PVA glue.

For this one print:-

The DL blue and pistachio background panels onto quality white paper or card
The blue and pistachio Snowman Poo sheet onto quality white card or paper

Cut out a blue background panel, snowman motif, poem and a snowman poo tag with a craft knife and ruler. Mount both the snowman motif and poem onto larger pieces of silver metallic card and trim around with your craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.

Stick the background panel onto a DL (tall) white card blank with double-sided tape. Stick both the metallic card-mounted panels onto the card blank with sticky pads, leaving a space inbetween them.

I've used a small grip-seal bag here with the grip-seal part cut off for the snowman 'poo'. Put your little poos into the bag and tie it off with thread or a little piece of beading wire (not recommended if the recipient might be a small child).

Stick the bag to the card blank with a couple of sticky pads. Add the snowman poo tag to the card blank with sticky pads. Finish the bag with a ribbon bow made from narrow silver ribbon, added to the bag with a sticky pad.

Products used on the Snowman Poo card

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