This has got to be my favourite card from this set (although I must admit I love them all!)

As the picture is a lady looking in the mirror, I've created a shelf to go underneath for all her make-up - looks fab!

For this one print:-

The Mirror, Mirror on the Wall motifs onto quality white card
The Miniature Lipstick sheet onto quality white paper
The Mini Nail Varnish & Mascara sheet onto quality white paper
The Lips background (pale) onto quality white paper

To make the card, stick a 20 x 14cm piece of the background paper onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape, then trim round with a craft knife and ruler to 21 x 14.8cm (to fit the front of a white A5 card blank).  Stick to the card blank with double-sided tape.

Similarly, mount one of the motifs onto silver metallic card and trim round to leave a small border.

For the shelf, use the pieces that we've provided on the motif sheet - cut between the guide lines with a craft knife and ruler, then cut out the whole rectangle.  This should leave you with three pieces - stick the pieces together with sticky pads so that the three long edges are aligned.

For the nail varnish, cut out the black pieces and the coloured pieces from the Nail Varnish & Mascara sheet with a sharp craft knife and ruler.  Add a piece of double-sided tape to one end of the black piece, then roll it tightly around a cocktail stick, starting with the non-taped end.  Try and keep it evenly rolled as you go but if it goes out of line, make sure you push it back into shape before you get to the tape.

Once that part's done, take the coloured part and add tape to both ends - a little piece to one end will do but a longer piece on the other end.  Stick the small-tape end to the black part so that the 'gold' ring is still visible, and making sure that the bottoms are aligned.  Roll tightly around until you get to the tape.  Then - check where both joins are going to end up as you'll want them both in the same place.  This is why you should use a longer piece of tape at this end - so you can trim off the paper to match it with the join on the black piece.  Sounds tricky in words but once you've done it you'll find these miniatures are all pretty quick and simple!

The mascara is made in exactly the same way as the nail varnish.

The lipstick, again, is made in the same way as the nail varnish except this time you have three pieces to deal with.  Start with the red piece, then the 'gold' and then the black.  Make sure all three joins are in lined up, as before.

The little eye-liner pencil here is a cocktail stick, coloured black with a permanent marker pen.  Trim off the pointy tip, then cut a 3cm piece of it.  Use sandpaper or a nail file (always a nail file hanging around on my desk!) to tidy up any rough bits.  Colour the tip with the marker, then most of the rest of it - just leave a small part beyond the tip plain.  You can use your expensive permanent brush markers for this - or just buy a cheap marker pen from your local corner shop or £ shop (you can get a pack of 4 or so in a £ shop!).

The 'cotton-wool' pad on the shelf was another £ shop purchase.  This was one of a pack of felt surface protector pads that I've always seen in just about every cheap shop I've ever been in (and have been looking for a use for!).  This one measures about 1.5cm.  If you can't find these or haven't got any, cut a 1.5cm circle from white felt or fun foam or use a circle punch (stick the felt onto thin card with double-sided tape first).

To assemble the card, arrange the picture, shelf and miniatures and when you're happy with the arrangement, stick the picture with sticky pads, the shelf with double-sided tape and the miniatures with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

Products used on the Bathroom Mirror, Shelf and Make-up card

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