Gorgeous image together with mini make-up!

For this one print:-

The Mascara girl motif sheet onto quality white card
The Miniature Lipsticks sheet onto quality white paper
The Miniature Mascara and Nail Varnish sheet onto quality white paper
The pink lips background onto quality white paper

To make the card, stick a 17 x 12cm piece of the background paper onto a larger piece of silver metallic card with double-sided tape, then trim round with a craft knife and ruler so that it measures 17.5 x 12.5cm - to fit the front of a white or ivory 7" x 5" card blank.

Similarly, mount one of the small motifs and a greeting onto silver metallic card and trim around both with a craft knife and ruler to leave a small border.

To make the lipstick, cut out a red or pink piece, a 'gold' piece and a short black piece from the lipstick miniatures sheet.  Starting with the red piece, roll it tightly around a cocktail stick, fixing it at the end with a piece of double-sided tape.  Then roll the 'gold' around this and then the black.  Make sure all three joins are in lined up with each other as you do them.  If they're not going to match up, trim the piece you're doing so that it does.

For the lipstick lid, evenly roll the long black piece from the sheet around a cocktail stick, then let it out a little so that it's a similar size to the lipstick.  Fix the end into place with double-sided tape.

For the mascara, this is made in the same way as the lipstick but you firstly roll the black part followed by the red part.  Make sure both joins are matched up as before.

For the eye-shadow palette, just cut it from the sheet with a craft knife and ruler.  The tiny applicator here is made by colouring a 12mm piece of cocktail stick with a black permanent marker together with a tiny piece cut from a felt surface protector pad (from the £ shop) with an oval hand-punch.  Use a tiny dab of tacky glue to add the stick to the felt pad.  Again, this could be done using fun foam if you don't have felt pads.

To assemble the card, add the picture, greeting and eye-shadow palette with sticky pads.  Add the mascara, lipstick, lipstick lid and eye-shadow applicator with a strong tacky glue such as Aleene's.

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