Project - Earth Mother Postcard & Gift Box

Create a complete co-ordinating gift using one of the sets of images from the Indian Summer Printable Heaven sets.

Here you can see a postcard from the Earth Mother range together with a cute little gift box (finished gift box is 7.5 x 6.5cm).

Use the gift box for jewellery, sweets (Maltesers would be good - or white mice, which I love!)

The postcard can be framed or used as an embellishment for larger cards - or even used as a postcard! Print onto good quality card and cut out to use.

For the gift box, it's best to print onto a fairly thin card so that it folds well. Score the lines with an embossing tool or similar and fold along the creases completely before folding into the box. Add double-sided tape to the tabs and stick firmly into place.

Add contents and tie with narrow ivory satin ribbon.

Products used on the Earth Mother Postcard & Gift Box

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